Scrapbooking with Negative Space

Here’s a fun way to add elements and flair to prints to tell the story….

  • Take a photo with the end in mind.

Try snapping a few photos intentionally using negative space. Leave “blank” space somewhere in the photo by keeping the subject to one side.

Ryder (my baby!) turned 11 years old last month. I snapped a group photo of the kids together intentionally, with extra wall space on top and created a two page spread in less than 10 minutes.

First, I uploaded all of the party pictures to my online account at PersnicketyPrints.com. I printed this image as a full bleed 12×12 print.

The new Close to My Heart Prickly Pear Complement Pack was a perfect fit for this photo.  I added the elements right on the print (because we don’t use ink at Persnickety Prints, glue and adhesive can be placed right on the print without damaging the photo if removed).


For the right side of the layout, I created a 9 photo collage in the new Persnickety Prints Memory Page software.


Full 12×12 on the left with a bit of flair & 12×12 collage on the right.

Quick, easy and at just $1.99 a print, we can afford to tell all the stories!

Have fun with your prints! I can’t wait to see what you create.

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